Subsequent to the publication of my book – ‘Vastu Prakash’ in the year 1993, many developments are taking place with respect to the very concept of traditional ‘Vastu Shastra’. There are some who have made a vocation of publishing by resorting to plagiarism, while there are other who have taken it upon themselves to spread knowledge through columns in various periodicals. Some are giving quick fix solutions to personal or family problems attributed to ‘Vastu Shastra’ through various serials running on numerous TV channels.
       There are some who claims to provide cheap consultation about ‘Vastu Shastra’ without the necessity of any demolition or reconstruction. There are some who claim that they would make ‘Vastu’ benefident by the use of pyramids, copper wires and various charms. Then there are some who are running classes about ‘Vastu Shastra’. More than this now a day’s some Vastu Consultants are publishing their name with Dr. i.e. Doctorate Phd holding. Infact there is no any University in India issuing Phd on ‘Vastu Shastra’, because it it not recognized subject by the technical organizations. The Phd consultants might have received the Phd on ‘Vastu Shastra’ literature and not technology or science. In short everbody in Vastu Shastra is started to misguide the people.
       Admist all this confussion, barring a one or two civil engineers the rest are unconnected with ‘Vastu Shastra’, i.e. in Civil Engineering or Architecture. The Government is unconcerned, so is the scientific community and some people claiming to be Vaidnyaniks, are oppossing ‘Vastu Shastra’. Due to this conflicting situation the common people are in a state of confussion and do not understand whom to believe. Due to these self proclaimed experts the very rights of Civil Engineers and Architects to design buildings is under threat, because in some cases, after the plans are finalized and approved, and even after the construction begins the owner brings in a self proclaimed ‘Vastu Shastra’ experts who makes some non-technical changes in the complete plan and takes no responsibility for their implimentation. The owner remains insistent on implimenting such recommendations. More often than not this is the case now a days, which means that a third person dictates the plan while established Civil Engineers and Architects are forced to the line. In short the people who do the complete plan are being troubled by the so called ‘Vastu Shastra’ experts and feel that their authority is eroded.
       After research of traditional ‘Vastu Shastra’, I transformed ‘Vastu Shastra’ in Modern Vastu Science & developed Technology for about three years continuously during 1990 to 1993, I established some parameters for designing the buildings but whatever I established moreover not briefed in any old literature & those are my personal conclusions. These are confirming present situations. Example for the openings of the building like windows, I concluded must be at East Side otherwise health problems bound to be faced residing family inside. Second one pooja place should be at near North-East location of the building i.e. at Ishanya likewise my several conclusions are not elaborated in any literature before it. Likewise ground slope, compound wall, side margins, load at South-West, boilers at South-East location, U.G. Tank at North-East locations, overhead tank at South-West location etc. are my self research conclusions and I established.
       In short, Modern Vastu Science explanations are there behind it each rule having some logical thinking. Hence anybody should be in mind, Modern Vastu Science rules are Mr. Limaye’s conclusions & not from any old literature. No doubt few rules may tally but moreover I created the logics and established the rules, so finally I will say Modern Vastu Science as well as ‘Vastu Prakash’ is my own invention.
       In fact Modern Vastu Science & Technology is concerned with building Planning & Designing. Fengshui, Pyramids, Yanatras, Copper Wires etc., are the article applications & these are not a design of building tools. Astrology differs from person to person. Hence these all elements are not related to Modern Vastu Science & Technology. Vastu Designing is related to a natural comfort inside the building. This natural comfort will enjoy each family member. When family will be in comfortable status, the activities will be smooth and fruitful one. So only the technical persons can plan & design comfortably & not else. Now at present the education in the Universities, based on aesthetic applications & natural comfort is more over neglected and it is the tragedy with education and final with the nation. So my request to the Architects & Civil Engineers must co-relate with natural resources with their designs and make residents happy.




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