As per founder details briefed, after publication of Vastu Prakash in 1993 which is in world wide circulation. Then for the last few years, there has been a constant demand from a section of some of qualified Engineers, Architects and Professionals fellow friends that Mr. Haribhau Limaye should start the Academy for subject of modern vastu science and taught its scientific study initiate a movement of making VASTU / BUILDINGS RACHANA / DESIGNS a subject of scientific study for research then further education and implementation.
       Therefore to achieve this target, Mr. Haribhau Limaye has established recently MODERN VASTU SCIENCE ACADEMY with the sole purpose of imparting knowledge to the new generations of Civil Engineers and Architects and the curious minds. Regular lectures in class room will be conducted & followed by site visits & IN- SITU discussions.
        In India old literature of Traditional Vastu Shastra is available in scattered way and mostly it is in sanskrit version. For reference of continuation of knowledge, no one book is available there in existence.
        We will have to find out the references from different titled literature mostly. Also knowledge is transfered and taught one generation to next generation. Ample literature is available pertaining to Temple planning but not available for one tenament residence to multi-storied residential tenaments as well as particularly industrial units. Traditional Vastu Shastra relevance was from olden living style. Traditional vastu shastra was practiced in India upto the 19th century, when Macaulay's new education system adopted automatically traditional methods wiped out. Todays living style & requirements are quite different than olden days. Hence, in ‘Vastu Prakash’ book, Mr. Haribhau Limaye is concluded present style & requirements. Fortunately, it is appreciated by almost. This publication is now in world wide circulation.
        The course is going to share this knowledge about the building plans and related area of architecture that is not commonly found in any books of this subject. This information is very much essential for those who want to work in this field. It covers areas like morning sunlight, magnetic field, height of the building, shape etc. which ultimately contributes to make the atmosphere inside the building pleasant and comfortable.
       Mainly this course will teach the knowledge which is other than any university syllabus. In short this course is for additional Information/Knowledge regarding to get natural comfort inside the buildings.
       The subject matter of the classes would be rules and regulations mentioned in the book VASTU-TECH which would be useful for practicing engineers, architects, builders and others who intend to work in this field.
       In this Modern Vastu Science Academy is complete package that will prepare you as authorised Vastu Consultant and Vastu Designer and develop complete understanding about vastu technology with connecting natural resources from environment and maintaining vastu rachanas and minimize the blind beliefs about vastu subject in the general public.
       Most of the building plans designed by Mr. Haribhau Limaye incorporate of the buildings that make the dwelling & work places more lively, pleasant & comfortable. These aspects will be explained at length during the site visits & deliberations made there.
       The course structures, duration & the eligibility criteria for the admission seekers are detailed out in a separate leaflet. Kindly note that the proposed courses are designed specifically for practising Engineers, Architects, Builders and OTHERS who are keen to work in this field.


Center Day Date Batch Timing
Pune Wednesday 25/03/2020 I 09:00 AM To 11.00 AM
II 04:00 PM To 6.00 PM
Friday 27/03/2020 I 11:00 AM To 1.00 PM
II 03:00 PM To 5.00 PM
Banglore Sunday 29/03/2020 I 11:00 AM To 1.00 PM
II 03:00 PM To 5.00 PM