Mr. Haribhau Limaye is the founder of Modern Vastu Science Academy and is an authority in the field of Vastu Shastra. He is an author of ‘Vastu Prakash’ book and he published the same in 1993.
Basically he is from Sangli (Maharashtra) & he is a Diploma Holder in Civil Engineering. His journey of experience is as under : –
1. He worked in Irrigation Department of Govt. of Maharashtra as a Jr. Engineer at Ujani Dam Project from 1967 to 1972 for 6 Yrs. Here he collected the knowledge of Dam Survey, Canal execution and office discipline too.
2. He worked in Co-operative Sugar Factories in Ahamadnagar District as an Assistant Civil Engineer & in Pune District as a Civil Engineer for 12 Yrs. He collected the knowledge and executed the industrial structural fabrication, erection, casting of machinery foundations, designing of the drip & lift irrigation schemes and layout of factory premises etc.
3. Then he worked as a General Manager in Mumbai Based Construction Company and executed complete Sugar Factory project in the area of Narayangaon, Pune District in the year 1983-1985 for 2 Yrs.
4. After Resigning of Services, he worked as a Lift Irrigation Consultant as well as Drip Irrigation Consultant for 5 Yrs. During that period he designed &executed several Lift Irrigation Schemes in Ahamadnagar & Pune District including Loan Proposals of Land Development Bank & also formation of Co-operative Societies with this he consulted for Industrial Sheds, their expansions, Interior Designs with execution work for several Residential Bunglows / Apartments.
5. He is a registered license Engineer with MIDC, Pune Pradhikaran, PMC, PCMC, PMRDA and other local authorities.
6. At present he is providing Architectural services under the name M/S. Haribhau Limaye & Associates as a registered License Engineer with his office staff since 1986.
7. Mr. Haribhau Limaye’s extensive study and research made in building, planning and architectural designs in Traditional Vastu Shastra. Over these years, he has culminated into a book titled VASTU PRAKASH published in the year 1993. Originally written & published by him in Marathi language and subsequently translated into five more Indian Languages – Kannada, Urdu, Hindi, Gujarathi and English. This publication in a way, is a reflection of his unique personal experiences as some of its contents are not found in old Vastu Literature and finally he established his own rules for building planning & designs. This publication is now in world wide circulation in India & Abroad.
8. In addition to this Mr. Haribhau Limaye is running a Publishing House and Marketing his publications such as “Vastu Prakash” and other his Novels namely “Jeevan Prakash”, “Mala Umajaleli Niwadnuk”, “Flavour of Nature”, “Germanitil Karwand Nagari”, “Sawali”, “Themb” etc. & also Yearly he Publish a Diwali Special issues namely “Kuldevi”, “Rahadari”, “Aalap”, “Guru Maharaj”, “Raja Rajkapoor” etc. in Marathi.
9. He was also a Candidate for Pune Municipal Corporation Election as a Corporator in the year 1997.
10. Latest he produced a Marathi Movie, “Yala Jeevan Aise Naav” in the year of 2016.
Likewise Mr. Haribhau Limaye is having unique experience in the construction as well as in the social activities more than 50 years. Now, he has completed 75 Years of his age.



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